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Tudor Fox has a network of Certificated Enforcement Agents for rent collection, forfeit/evictions (CRAR). The execution of Liability orders, Penalty Charge Notices, Magistrates Court Fines and High Court Writs (TCE)

Using our highly-trained team of Enforcement Agents, we efficiently recover commercial rent arrears across England and Wales. At TUDOR FOX, we believe in acting quickly to increase the chances of successfully recovering your outstanding rent.


All our Enforcement Agents are fully certificated and have complete understanding of the new laws of Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 for Rent, and they will treat all cases with a professional, discreet and sensitive approach, making sure we can recover all the owed arrears quickly and efficiently while, where possible, allowing the client-debtor relationship to continue.


Costs: As per regulation schedule (transferable to tenant)


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